Vineyard of Geneva

The wealth of Geneva is not only found in the famous city of Calvin, but also in his campaign. Benefiting from a relief and a climate favorable to viticulture, grape was grown in our region more than a thousand years ago. Today, with 1,400 hectares of vineyards, Geneva is the third largest wine-producing canton of Switzerland, and its vineyard is divided into three distinct regions:
Right Bank, between Arve and Rhone and between Arve and Lake.

The area right bank / Mandement

With 820 hectares, is the largest and best known of the three wine regions of Geneva. It was here that extends Satigny, Switzerland's largest wine-growing town of, with 480 hectares. Dardagny Genthod, the soil is mainly composed of glacial moraine, with the exception of the hillsides of the Rhone which consist of recent alluvium. But in Peissy, it is a land of molasse type that predominates.

The region between Arve and Rhone

Composed of twenty wine-growing municipality, this region stretches from the banks of the Rhone at the foot of Salève. Generous ground moraines comes from prehistoric glaciers eroded Mont Blanc. The limestone and gravelly soil gives the wines of this region a pronounced earthy, decorated with a flinty edge.

The region between Arve and Lac

The region "Between Lake and Arve" opens on the east and forms a large triangle around the lake and extending to the French border near Jussy. This land benefits from a micro-climate helping for the maturation of flavors, thanks to thermal airstreams that come from the Alps.

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