How we got there

Everything started for me in 1992. After 27 months in London including 12 at the home of the Lord Mayor then 15 at the Park Lane Hilton.

I was then part of the new team at the Hotel du Rhone under Gilles Dupont who is now at the Auberge du Lion d'Or at Cologny with Tony Byrne. It was great, every day was different. Cooking fascinated me more and more, a real passion was born in me.

I entered the Pierre Taittinger international culinary competition finishing first in the Swiss final and second in the grand final in Paris between 12 countries. Some months later (July 1996) a new adventure began : I rejoined the staff of the Hotel des Bergues as assistant chef. Three months later I was promoted to executive chef. It was the start of a long and grand adventure. Nine years passed during which I met Christophe Bernerd who had worked in several Michelin starred restaurants in the region. He started as a kitchen assistant but due to his outstanding qualities he became assistant chef responsible for the kitchen at Amphitryon.

When it was announced that the Hotel des Bergues would close for renovations we had to find a new course for our careers. That is how we came to take over the Cafe Papon ; an institution full of Geneva's history.

We are happy to share our joy and our experience with our customers.