Papon's Delicacies

Just like our card of the dishes, our desserts change very often. However there are some that we like particularly.

(between 9.- and 12.-) :

-->Crèmes brûlées : Vanille Bourbon
( The natural aroma of the real vanilla pods)
( The delicacy of the almond)
Raspberry / Cointreau
( The delicacy of the fresh, slightly acid raspberry enhanced by the delicate orangy liqueur of the Cointreau)
Ginger and green Tea
( The taste lemony and peppered by the ginger with the bitterness of the green tea, referring to flavor of Asia)
Orange / cinnamon
( The subtlety and the freshness of the orange combined with the cinnamon makes you travel )

-->The chocolate fondant: the best of the gourmet, realized with a dark chocolate of Santo Domingo 75 % cocoa, it is served hot, accompanied with a vanilla ice cream Bourbon or with a sherbet raspberry. The mixture of the intense chocolate and the red berries is gigantic, without forgetting the hot side / cold and the biscuit flowing in the simply irresistible center.

--> The "Fruit of the season pies": this sometimes fine tart, Tatin pie, crumble or sanded, they always have a particular side. They follow the seasons and the rigor of the selection of fruits guarantee them a particular interest.
--> Chocolate mousses: sometimes dark chocolate, Gianduja, toblerone, or white chocolate, their characteristics, their lightnesses will seduce you.

--> The apple and chestnut strudel, gingerbread icecream : Some delicious sautéed Rennet apple, caramelized, deglazed in the calvados to which we add beautiful sweet chestnuts candied in a vanilla syrup. The whole rolled in a fine dough, baked with some granulated sugar. It will be served to you with a gingerbread ice cream.

--> The glass cups of fruits: nothing better and more balanced than to finish the meal by fruits. Here is certainly what will influence your choice. Presented in the same jars as our grandmothers used; pleasure of eyes and nostalgia will plunge you one moment into your childhood memories.

Depending on the season:
--> Glass cup of prunes candied in the cardamone, freezes salted butter caramel
--> Glass cup of pear in the vanilla red wine, gingerbread ice cream
--> Glass cup of poached rhubarb, Bulgarian ice yoghurt
--> Glass cup of grenade and mango, coconut ice cream
--> Glass cup of pineapple mint-flavored, chocolate ice cream
--> Glass cup of orange-grapefruit, blood orange sorbet
--> Glass cup of strawberries, vanilla ice cream
--> Glass cup of raspberry, doubles cream of Swiss cheese and meringue
--> Glass cup of peach vine poached in the thyme, calisson ice cream
--> Exotic glass cup of fruits, pineapple basil sorbet
--> Glass cup of orange Grand Marnier-flavored and grilled almonds, freezes calisson