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14 March 2017


Tartar of Féra Lake and smoke féra, vinaigrette with beans and morels 21.-

Mixed green salad with young sprouts 13.-

Foie gras of duck in cloth, caramelized apples with honey 23.-

Soup of split peas and gourmet slice of bread  16.-

Shortbread cookie of parmesan, mousse with brie of Meaux, juice of peas and Serano ham 22.-

Green asparagus risotto 23.-

Roasted duck breast with gizzards confit and flambed livers, salad of spinach shot 22.-


Nil perch fillet with grapefruit crust 32.-

Wild gambas in persillade 42.-

Swordfish "à la plancha", capers ans lemon dressing 36.-


Cheeseburger of beef with swiss cheese, bacon onions ring and home french fries 30.-

Braised shoulder of lamb bio from Valais 39.-

Puffed veal sweetbreads and poultry with morels 36.-

Beef fillet roast with its marrow bone in rough salt and red wine sauce 48.-

Burgundy poultry with lemon confit and coriander 35.-

Vegetarian plate 25.-

Origin of meat : Veal + Beef + Porc : CH / Poultry + Foie gras: FR / Lamb : CH / 
VAT 8% included