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8 May 2017


Poached egg, bear garlic cream, slice of toast, crispy bacon and mushroom 21.-

Mixed green salad with young sprouts 13.-

Foie gras of duck in cloth, rhubarb tart 25.-

Soup of peas with Vaudois sausage  16.-

Tuna tartar with Tuscan olive oil and lemon zest, crisp salad with Thaï sauce 24.-

Guacamole of avocado, farmer poultry chicken skewer with peppers, polenta, tomato confit and pop 21.-

Goat panacotta, beetroot muslin, water cress and dried beef meat 21.-


Sea trout " tournedos", vinaigrette with crayfish ans sweet mustard 34.-

Fillets of Brittany sole miller's style, thorn, broadbeans and lemon zest 46.-

Fillet of butbot with Espelette peppers, clams and coriander 38.-


Cheeseburger of beef with swiss cheese, bacon onions ring and home french fries 30.-

Liver of veal in garlic and parsley butter 39.-

Farmer poultry ballotine with mushrooms 36.-

Beef fillet roast with its marrow bone in rough salt and red wine sauce 48.-

Tenderloin fillet of veal roasted with sage juice 35.-

Vegetarian plate 25.-

Origin of meat : Veal + Beef + Porc : CH / Poultry + Foie gras: FR / Lamb : CH / 
VAT 8% included