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 Friday 25 May 2018


Cold tomatoe soup and its gourmet tartine 16.-

Mixed green salad with young sprouts 13.-

Duck foie gras in a tea towel, stewed rhubarb ans sorbet 25.-

Tatin of tomato and carcciofini marinated, dry bacon from Valais 21.-

Pannacotta of peas and its velvety, smoked sardine fillet and julienne of crispy vegetables 21.-

Cesar salad 19.- 


Fillets of sole flounder, red peppers coulis and Crimean tomatoes 35.-

Fillets of perch meunière 38.-

Grilled tuna steak with ginger, milk coconut and lemongrass 39.-


Provençal burger beef, tomato bread, grilled zucchini, fried onions and homemade french fries 30.-

GRTA  pork chop 300gr, thyme and young garlic sauce 36.-

Farmer poultry saltimbocca with vinegar and shallots sauce 36.-

Fricassee of veal kidney with whiskey 35.-

Beef fillet roasted with its marrow bone in rough salt and red wine sauce 47.-

Vegetarian plate 25.-

Origin of meat : Veal + Beef + Porc : CH / Poultry + Foie gras: FR / Lamb : CH / 
VAT 8% included