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30 November 2017


Pumpkin soup, with olive oil and white truffle flavour, its crispy slice of bread 16.-

Mixed green salad with young sprouts 13.-

Duck foie gras terrine, buttered brioche, poached pear with Christmas spices 26.-

Geneva spiny cardon soup, crispy slice of bread with duck foie gras 16.-

Lamb salad, longeole puff pastry and leek fondue, celery tartar and Granny Smith 22.-

Millefeuille of blood pudding and pan fried duck foie gras, vinegar sauce 23.-

Scottish salmon Red Label duo marinated in dill and rock salt, smoked, minced potatoes with Provence olive oil and oyster tartar 24.-


Pan fried scallops, jerusalem artichoke puree, vinegar sauce 43.-

Royal cod fillet with mussels and curry sauce 38.-

Rosette of limande sole, lobster sauce with prawns diced 36.-


Lamb fillet with a gingerbread crust 42.-

Christmas style sauerkraut served with a duck thigh pickled rock salt and pan fried fat duck liver escalope 38.-

Roasted farmer chicken "Miéral", gratinated wild king prawn, poultry and shellfish sauce 40.-

Baked beef, red wine sauce with mushrooms, onions and bacon 38.-

Beef fillet roast with its marrow bone in rough salt and red wine sauce 47.-

Vegetarian plate 25.-

Origin of meat : Veal + Beef + Porc : CH / Poultry + Foie gras: FR / Lamb : CH / 
VAT 8% included